Pistol Malfunction Clearances

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28 thoughts on “Pistol Malfunction Clearances

  1. Day Later Pizza says:

    I was at the range yesterday shooting steel cased ammo thru my SD9 and the FTE completely caught me off guard. I tried to press the mag release and the magazine was actually locked in place by leverage from the fresh round lodging under the stuck casing. So I had to pull the slide back, lock it in place, drop the mag, rack the slide a bit, and then reinserted the magazine.

     Man was I happy in retrospect I practiced with some shitty ammo lol cause lord knows if I'd ever had that happen in a real scenario I'd be dead asf.

  2. mike stroup says:

    In the fail to extract condition, doing the "Rack-rack-rack" drops the slide on a round still in the chamber…does this not risk damaging the extractor? (My S&W 4506 has an extractor that is ramped on the front to go over the case rim…)… but I have heard folks say there is risk of damage….???

  3. Sean 24986 says:

    thanks…nice video both as a refresher for some and great for new people (mostly non-military i would say) that have not been exposed to this info! sometimes we overlook what would seem to be "simple" stuff in our education processes. thanks again sir.

  4. Dohn Joe says:

    good to stress the importance that you rack a couple times after the mag is clear to get the empty case out of the chamber. Otherwise you'll be back in the same boat with another mag. Thanks for the vid! this is the shit we love to see often!

  5. Kim Townsel says:

    Not knowing how to deal with malfunctions was the reason I used a revolver for my EDC for years; not one person who "trained" (insert laughter here) me taught me how to deal with the malfunctions when we shot semi-automatics.  When I was properly trained at Tactical Response, I learned how to deal with malfunctions under stress and with speed.  Thanks for this concise info, Billy!

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