Piper Knife Fighting – The Truth (1)

Official Piper Video -founder of the Piper system, Nigel February demonstrating and explaining the major components of Piper. Published by Pieter van der Walt …

31 thoughts on “Piper Knife Fighting – The Truth (1)

  1. ScorpioHR says:

    Let's face it – a man that needs to use a knife to stand his point is an idiot. Period. All you truly need is telling truth, truth and nothing but the truth, no knife needed – it's all about mind.

    I mean, let's face it – whenever you're debating someone and they've got nothing smart to say and they're "disarmed" in intellectual sense – they'll punch you. And they'll punch you because of you've said the truth that shut them up, but they've really hated it and, since their lie wouldn't help for you to stop telling the truth, the only way they COULD do it is to use force.

    So – this is a technique of criminals. Great, bunch of morons that keep on keeping the oldest belief system in the world – a magical act of turning "stones to bread" (let's face it, that's exactly what Monetary System does – it allows you to turn useless diamonds in as much bread as you need). So I hear these guys are Quoting Bible and try to prove their point about their "magical powers" – yeah, turning stones to bread IS magical, and all criminals love that magic and just want more stones to perform the magic of their GREAT DADDY: Father of Lies..

    I mean, if you really want some "Bible Quotes", then address to the Jesus (turth, way, life) temptation in the wilderness, where Devil himself (Father of Lies) asked him to do some of his own magic.. Well.. TRUTH cannot do any magic that LIE can, so Jesus was unable to turn stones to bread, yet these in-breads, thiefs and criminals worship this great trick in the world so much they'd kill another innocent person just to steal something from them.

    Oh, and I hear that they can dodge bullets!

    Yeah, Matrix Style?

    But, do you remember The One doesn't NEED TO DODGE ANY BULLETS?!

    You know WHY?
    Because – the only way to STOP a bullet is to STOP FIRING FIRST!

    So – next time you plan to kill another fellow citizen, think about your common enemy – the government, bankers, all those that keep you in your "prison of the mind" and force you to attack each other while they live HEAVEN ON EARTH, and make you minions of the Devil, deep down in the Hell.

    No, dear criminals and thieves – you don't actually need MONEY – you need the thing it represents – knowledge, skills, happiness. Just because SOCIETY made you THINK you need to BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY to be happy, doesn't make it true. It's all just an impulse in the brain, just a thought – true happiness comes from the inside. And you'll NEVER be happy as long as you'll have to "dodge bullets", as long as you'll steal and have to run away from cops that serve the same master – false master, if you read your Bible.

    So – next time you want to "kill someone", instead tell them the truth, then go find the third person and become a rock in the snowball – roll down the hill and gather all 99% of us, down here, fighting for the crumbs on a table we put and supply to the other 1% that are truly KINGS of this WORLD because they've knelt before the Devil and he gave them ALL THE KINGDOMS.

    Do you want to be a slave for the rest of your life?

    Slave of fear, receive and spread the fear, or will you BE the FEAR to those that CREATE FEAR?

    I'm not afraid of any criminal, simply because I know, deep down he's just a child, new born, innocent baby born in the rotten system and all he wants is what everyone else wants – to survive and be happy.

    I'm not in the way of his happiness – he, alone is on his way of happiness, because he doesn't see the REAL problem of this world!

    Yeah, he'll kill me and still few things of my dead body – but trust me, that will just leave pain in him – that won't give him true happiness. And if he really needs to put the knife inside me, and wouldn't listen to me and join me in the FINAL FIGHT AGAINST THE BEAST – I'd give him all I have.. It's just some atoms and dust, others made us believe there's some value in it.

    Value is not outside – it's inside.

    Think about it next time you want to put a knife in someone… maybe, just MAYBE – You're the WRONG one and on WRONG SIDE




  2. ila1964 says:

    seems all academic to me imho

    anyone not in war finding themselves in a position where they are in a knife duel should have a quick re-think on how they got to such a status in their life

    +opinion of ''masterblasterkid' sounds legit to me also

    no such thing in civilian life really as knife fighting 'experts', alive ones that is

  3. robinhoodsun says:

    hey…..ass clown. it was taken from criminals who actually kill people. it's a method of putting the knife in. i've practiced this style on normal people and believe me,,,,they get fucked up. rather just stick to your style and STFU

  4. masterblastertkd says:

    PART 2 It doesn't matter where the power is coming from, what matters is distance. You need certain attributes to close the distance… once you're in, you're in. Someone with a knife and no training at all is still deadly, as i'm sure you know. This "system" is just like you called FMA… watered down patty cake hacking. For the record, i don't think knife combatives are bs, and i don't believe in "Mr.Miyagi" bs. I believe in what works.

  5. masterblastertkd says:

    PART 1 I have a similar background to you actually… FMA, and now krav maga. I no longer train at a fma school, but i still train with like-minded people. My problem with this "system" is that it is pure bs. When i heard about it, i researched it. I live in Canada, so i couldn't just go and try it. It's been disected by people with more expertise than me, and they have nothing good to say about it. Basically, it doesn't matter where the power is coming from…. the wrist, or the arm, etc,

  6. tactical2bagpipes says:

    I am unclear as if you are bashing the Piper system because you come from a traditional martial arts background and believe in the "Mr.Miyagi" bullshit or if you are bashing it because you believe that knife combatives in general are bullshit. I personally have a good background in FMA but have gravitated away from it in favor of krav maga / military combatives due to the falshoods of defending against a knife found in much of the watered down patty cake FMA in the US.

  7. Daniel Skipp says:

    it is pure marketing hype [BS]to say that "only" "this system" uses the wrist as a source of power. Any good knifer uses it, from American bowie to kung fu and silat. Yeah, Pipermay have some good points but really while prisoners may have a lot of time to learn and practice knife skills. In reality 99% of them are ignorant idiots with no high martial skill except maybe some basic boxing so their systems [52 blocks etc] ain't worth half that of a system tested over centuries of battle and duels.

  8. Pieter van der Walt says:

    hey I respect your opinion. I always say before you judge anyone or any system go and train with them, put your ego in your pocket, and after you have done so and still feel the same then at least you have thoroughly investigated it and gave an opinion based on substance.

    you are welcome to come and train with us in cape town any time. I can arrange free accommodation and food for you, you can just buy your own plane ticket.

  9. masterblastertkd says:

    another red flag that this system is no good, is that he says if you hold the knife in a standard grip, it doesnt work because the criminals are holding it in an icepick grip. Makes no difference. should be able to adapt in any system.

  10. masterblastertkd says:

    Truth? here's the truth… do some research and you'll find that this piper "system" was taken from criminals with no real skills, using inadequate blades. They held the knife in an icepick grip because all they had was cheap folders, and they were afraid that the blade would close on their fingers if they held it in a standard grip. If you can hold a knife and shake it around like this guy, then you already know this "system".

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