Piper Knife Fighting System.

11 thoughts on “Piper Knife Fighting System.

  1. Gon Frees says:

    This looks like one of Lloyd's students. The problem is Lloyd doesn't teach anyone Piper he just shows them some Piper and they try and imitate him. Lloyd's Piper is already old, outdated and crappy. He's not very good. That's why his students suck. Lloyd doesn't really want to teach anyone anyway. Shame. Lloyd is a fake. He teaches a rip off of The Piper Knife System founded by Nigel February. He tries to teach a version of Piper but calls it Tripwire. Tripwire is crap and will never be anything close to The Piper System. I like how Lloyd tries to sound more American even though he's a coloured (mixed race) boy from Cape Town. Lloyd is a coward and will never go back home to South Africa. Lloyd has been described as a Leech, Parasite, or a User, as he user people to gain whatever he needs and promises them remuneration or compensation and then doesn't and disapears. Lloyd is untrustworkthy and is a liar

  2. Joe Cassius says:

    And a gun would stop your baseball bat or lead pipe dead in its track in an instant and a tank would stop my gun dead in its track in an instant and five sticks of dynamite would beat the tank and Harry Potter's invisible cloak would beat the dynamite and so the beat goes on and on and on and on…

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