Piercing Lance – Kenpo self defense technique for a front knife thrust with your arms up

Self Defense Techniques: In this episode Mr James of Charm City Karate demonstrates Piercing Lance, which is a Kenpo self defense technique for a front knife …

6 thoughts on “Piercing Lance – Kenpo self defense technique for a front knife thrust with your arms up

  1. Vin Vass says:

    We hear about knife attacks all the time and now we can see knife attacks on you tube. This is going a long way to show that the principles in kenpo lance have always been correct, right back from when they were first taught.
    A lot of talk about what a skilled knife attacker WOULD do, again! that dangerous word! always from people with no experience who haven't been there. Forget WOULD and talk only about what we know to be true! what DOES happen, what has happened befor and what WILL happen again.
    With all the knife crime and convictions, when do you hear that the convicted man had trained in a knife system, Kali, FMA or whatever? If he had it would have been part of the story.
    No, trained knife fighters do not go round looking for the chance to take out their blade and attack a fandom person.

  2. Charm City Karate says:

    That's a good point, and we do much more involved knife defenses in seminars and focus-classes. However, statistically, attacks with knives are unsophisticated (not to say gentle or ineffective!) and students have to begin somewhere. You can't train everything full-intensity all the time. And honestly, not all students want to do weapons training at that level.

  3. Dick Izinya says:

    How do you know who is trained and who is not? I would suggest, even at an intermediate level, to ramp up your defenses to full-speed, full-contact (with appropriate safety gear) Too much compliance is .lethal in knife defenses. You should also consider eye protection, even with compliance drills

  4. Charm City Karate says:

    I suppose everyone that attacks with a knife is formally trained. Just like everyone with a handgun has taken safety classes and goes to the range. Wait…
    Skilled knife attacker techniques come later, these are the early ones.

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