Philippine & US Marines Do Crazy Knife and Sword Training – Crazy Move REACTION



Crazy Move: US and Philippine Marines Do Crazy Knife and Sword Training REACTION FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: Join my discord: …

18 thoughts on “Philippine & US Marines Do Crazy Knife and Sword Training – Crazy Move REACTION

  1. M Dolores says:

    Exactly on point, it is like dancing brotha cause thats what the filipinos did during spanish rule so they could still practice there arts. And indeed dont practice with live blades unless you've been doing fma lol I always try to tell friends who dont understand filipino martial arts and i always tell them it has worked for hundreds if not thousands of years including today in civilian, military and law enforcement use. Im filipino and at one point didn't know about my own cultures martial arts haha. Love the video btw!! But i guess my final sentence is i think there are two type of people around, people who love mma and think its the ultimate fighting way and others with open minds who've done multiple arts but dulged in arts like fma or the kraw maga, etc. Its good to know some practical arts like muai thai, boxing and some ground fighting but definitely should know a system that can save your life if you gotta handle a weapon situation and you cant run lol

  2. D' Sebastian says:

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  3. Sis says:

    But trully in the real life fight the best way is how to avoid… Lucky and martial art is usefull about 20 ℅.. So better to make many friend than enemy

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