Philippine Marines Sword/Knife Fighting & Close Quarters Martial Arts

US and Philippine Marines Participate in close quarters martial arts training at Crow Valley, Tarlac Province, Philippines as a part of Balikatan 2013. Video by …

36 thoughts on “Philippine Marines Sword/Knife Fighting & Close Quarters Martial Arts

  1. Simon Carlile says:

    I've always marveled at how the ideal of home defense in America has become a good "security" system, which is basically a glorified watchdog. It relies on the promise that, once alerted, authorities will arrive and take care of the problem. Take away that promise, and it's useless.

  2. Kyle Abella says:

    Melvin when technology fails, what are you going to do? When your love ones is being lined up by invaders ready to cut their throats. I guess you not knowing any self defense will just cry in tears and hope to God your drone will work.

  3. Hubert Nocon says:

    kahit nagno-nose bleed si manong sa kaka-ingles para sa akin hindi na importante ang wrong grammar basta maiintindihan lang ng mga amerikano ang kanyang mga sinasabi… kung pilipino mag-iinles ka sa harap ng kapwa pilipino pagsabihan ka lang na wrong grammar ang iyong pinagsasalita… hahahahaha… hay naku pilipino hindi talaga mawala sa kultura natin ang manghusga… hahahahaha

  4. Hubert Nocon says:

    pekiti tirsia kali is one of the most effective martial arts in the world… this particular martial arts were employed to anyone whether you are an athlete or not everyone deserves to master and understand the basic fundamentals of self defence training… from bladed weapons such as machetes and knives and also in the art of self defence training on how to disarm an enemy holding a weapon by the use of your empty hand… that's why in the military kali was the most effective martial arts training to the many recruits…

  5. Dave C says:

    A knife fight is a prearranged match between two people. They agree on certain rules of the match. One such potential rule is first blood where the two fighter fight until one of the fighters draws the blood of the other. These rules are akin to any other competitive combat sport such as boxing or wrestling. Knife fighting techniques are not for self defense or self offence specifically however various techniques can be used for these purposes. 
    Like any form of combat the types of weapons used have a profound impact on the techniques employed when using them. There are no two forms of knife fighting that are the same. They vary because of the weapons used. Dagger fighting, bowie knife fighting and stiletto fighting are all different although many principles are similar for all forms. All forms of knife fighting borrow the principles they employ from sword fighting. 
    Fighting with a knife greater than 9 inches such as a dagger or bowie knife allows you to parry with the blade, however fighting with a knife less than 9 inches and the knife fight is primarily about evading the blade rather than blocking it. Fighting with a knife less than 9 inches a knife fighter might employ tricks such as switching hands and throwing objects or clothing into their opponents face in order to distract them.
    Like sword fighting knife fighting employs the eight angles of attack. Top bottom right left and the four in between. This is ubiquitous principle in martial sciences. Parries slashes and thrusts can all be executed by each of the eight angles. 
    Footwork is an important component of knife fighting. A knife fighter can move forward backward laterally or diagonally. Move forward to advance. Move diagonally to create an angle to attack. Move backward to retreat or evade attack. 

  6. Jack Obrein says:

    Blades are always loaded and never fail. When your sidearm fails. The man with the biggest blade wins. Theres also the matter of foot work. But thats for little fairy boys to figure out. Theirs a reason our anciesters favor swords and long reaching weapons. Plain and simple distance.

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