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17 thoughts on “Personal Safety & Self-Defense Products | soothingsista

  1. Lucy zulick says:

    i really don't care about ppl saying you cannot use knives. I have 2 knives, spray and a taser. When they try to rape you once, you go to the police. When they try a second time, (I think- it's time to react before defend yourself. I prefer to hurt the guy before he hits me with something, knock me out so he can rape me and kill me. Of course that knife it's not the first option, but I still carry them with me.

  2. Noah LaDue says:

    Ladies please never carry a deadly weapon that requires strength and agility like a blade, it's more likely to be used on you, turning a non-deadly scenario into a deadly scenario. Tasers are an equally silly self defense device, against someone intent on harming you its foolish to think a small taser will stop someone, police tasers often fail to stop an attacker just because of something like a t-shirt. Pepper spraying and running is genuinely your best option in most all scenarios. If you are in a situation where the options are your life, or theirs, a situation I pray none of you ever find yourselves in, your single greatest tool of defense would be a firearm.

  3. Ro Tay says:

    Be sure to check if self defense keychains are legal in your state! As far as I know, any self defense keychain used for punching/goes through fingers/knuckles are ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA because they fall under the brass knuckle category. So you could get in trouble for being caught with one.

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