Personal Protection – Knife to the Throat

Having a knife placed to your throat can be very intimidating. Yet, the great news is that there are some effective ways to counter this type of attack. In the case of …

7 thoughts on “Personal Protection – Knife to the Throat

  1. Hien Hoang says:

    I'm wondering if it's better to forego the strike and immediately secure the knife hand with your other hand. Basically, two hands securing the knife hand. My reason being that the direction of the blow or force being applied is outwards or away from my pinning hand. My fear is that against a bigger opponent my single hand may only barely wrap around their wrist. Couple that with a strike to the face and I'm thinking there's a good chance their knife hand slips from my pinning hand.

  2. Eric Yin says:

    Lots of practical, easy to follow advice here, without multiple steps that need to be done extremely accurately. Exactly what I've been trying to look for in self-defence videos. Bravo!

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