Personal Defense Tips: Knife Grips

Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense on how to grip a knife in a defensive context. He shows the three ways to grip a knife. The hammer grip, where you …

9 thoughts on “Personal Defense Tips: Knife Grips

  1. Surmar01 says:

    I carry both a Tactical Knife and a Push Blade for different tactical uses in defense; along with my gun.
    I have them place (Based on practice with my Husband) so that no matter how someone may grab me from behind, I would be able to get at least one weapon to defend myself.

  2. wcropp1 says:

    Indeed, reverse grip is useful for in-close fighting, struggling to retain a weapon, getting someone to let go of you, etc., not knife-dueling. Edge-in reverse grip is very useful as well, but not many people discuss it.

  3. bae313 says:

    NO! His description of the hammer grip & Filipino grip are both incorrect. What he is showing is a saber grip with thumb wrapped down & with thumb pointing forward.

    You can go to my channel & watch "Slasher Course, vid 7: Gripping The Knife" to get an accurate & complete description & pros/cons of these grips & others. In "vid 8: Grip Angles Comparison" I also demonstrate these grips deploying slashes & thrusts on a target.

    I have studied Filipino arts & my descriptions match Michael Janich's.

  4. AcoraZ3RO says:

    I like this guy.

    The only reason I could think using the reverse grip would make sense would be in someone is trying to grapple with you. In this case, you don't have as much freedom of movement, so the reverse grip helps you make smaller, more compact movements.

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