Personal Defense Tips: Handguns – Modifications for Emergency Manipulations

Personal Defense Tips: Handguns – Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of prototype modifications to make …

24 thoughts on “Personal Defense Tips: Handguns – Modifications for Emergency Manipulations

  1. Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training & Armory says:

    I know it is very controversial making alterations to a defensive firearm. Some people say it doesn't matter others say leave your firearm bone stock, since making changes will give the prosecutor ammunition (no pun intended) to use against you in court.

    Having said that if you have have that claw base plate available for the LC9, I may have to go buy a block of G10 (or similar) and make one for myself on my milling machine.

  2. Crusty says:

    Looks like good stuff Rob, can you post a link your website and the new products as they become available. Also, I'm and XD guy and hope you will offer these innovative upgrades for my gun as well.

    Crusty Chief

  3. Freedom Forged says:

    Excellent products Rob, just finished a CFS class and it was great. Our instructor had one of the claw sights so I had a chance to examine it and it looks very sturdy and useful. How can we know when these are available for purchase? I am really interested to put one to the test.

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