Personal Defense Tips: Blades – Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

Personal Defense Tips: Blades – The Gideon Tanto Point from BlackHawk is a rugged, durable knife with a heavy blade and comfortable contoured handle.

31 thoughts on “Personal Defense Tips: Blades – Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

  1. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Say Heah, I took a sort of tanro tip fix blade last weekend. I teamed it with my Fox Hitam Golok. I like to team my knives by color or maker. In this case both color and maker, I teamed my Hitam Golok with my Fox Trekker Utility Camp and Sniper Knife. Yes, They are TactiKewl, But a good Survival Knife should be a good knife in the bush. For my finer tasks, I put my Gerber Gator Folder in the pouch of my Trekker. I made this trio a set combo. They performed outstanding. Both the Hitam Golok and Trekker are made in the B690Co. a Austrian Bohler Stainless and its pretty good. The Gator Folder is a clip point and Serrated in the 420HC but I also have one in the 154 CM. and a drop point plain edge one too. But I think your going to like the new knife I just got. It's a S.O.G. Pillar Fix Blade but made in the S35Vn stainless but it has the Camel Humps. a real nice L@@Ker.,,.p

  2. tray4168 says:

    blackhawk knives are trash. The masters of defense were the ones to buy before they sold out to blackhawk. All of the MOD knives were made in the states all of the blackhawk are made overseas and with far inferior materials and quality control. Spend the extra money and buy the real ones on ebay not this new copy junk.

  3. GunsOfMassEffect says:

    I was in law enforcement, and I carried the Kbar law enforcement knife, it was designed by John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute, one of the best quality purposed knives for law enforcement, and the larger version, for SWAT or Military applications. I carried one for the last 8 years of my career.

  4. Mike Parlin says:

    I'm curious why it's so high up on your belt. I first saw this video 2 or 3 years ago and have always wondered.. there's a spot on the top of the sheath for belt carry. the way you had it attached was meant for pack carry it seemed

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