Personal Defense Tactics: Firearms Tips – Anticipation and the Need to Shoot

Personal Defense Tactics: Firearms Tips – How ready were you to take the shot you needed to take BEFORE …

14 thoughts on “Personal Defense Tactics: Firearms Tips – Anticipation and the Need to Shoot

  1. Robert Price says:

    Paper targets don't shoot back, and your adrenaline isn't flowing like in a "life or death" firefight. All the practice in the world can not make up for the "rush" of a real firefight.

  2. CrookedKlown says:

    You can also try having a friend or training partner set up targets in different locations each time, turn the lights off and then when you walk in have him/her turn the lights back on, to simulate a real world scenario with either poor situational awareness (shooter) or practiced conceal ability by the (perpetrator/enemy.) It still doesn't simulate when you are completely unprepared, but the reality is you should never be unprepared, hence the situational awareness. Always be ready to shoot.

  3. stump182 says:

    I actually meant this comment in a positive manner. Because the video made me think…How could I really train myself to act properly when startled? I'd hire Cato to hang out my your apartment! But it looks like I've interfered with your man crush on Pincus. You must REALLY hate it when people make fun of the new beard. WOW.

  4. Joe Doe says:

    Recently, Rob has focused on program and instructor development. Instructors groups that have sought out Rob’s expertise and integrated components of his programs include the Chicago Police Department FTU, South Wales Police Department Training Unit (UK), NSW SEAL Qualification Training, Bavarian Polizie (DE), Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Office and 19th Group Army Special Forces. Rob also conducts an annual conference for certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructors.

  5. Joe Doe says:

    Rob was the Director of The Valhalla Training Center in Montrose, Colorado. Rob developed the training doctrines and programs that brought Valhalla to the attention of the entire shooting industry as a leading source of reality based firearms training. During this time, Valhalla was identified by the Rand Corporation as a leader in private sector reality based training and as a sole source provider to 10th Group Army Special Forces for Extreme Close Quarters Counter Ambush training.

  6. Joe Doe says:

    Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services to military, law enforcement, private security and students interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the Combat Focus Shooting program, the most efficient defensive firearms training methodology available today.

  7. Joe Doe says:

    Rob has experience as a law enforcement officer and executive protection agent and was also commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reserve after graduating from the Military College of Vermont with a degree in Political Science. Rob serves the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office as a Training Officer and has been a staff writer with S.W.A.T. Magazine since 2001.

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