31 thoughts on “Paul Vunak ~ JKD Vol 5 Knife Fighting

  1. daldude says:

    No. You don´t go "into shock after 3 sec" in a fight. A single slash to the outer side of the forearm won´t end a fight. That´s utter BS.
    1st: you need to lose a lot of blood before you go into shock.
    2nd: What is used in a clinical setting to counter shock symptoms? Adrenaline. (As if the body knew what it was doing…).
    3rd: The muscles on the outer side of the arm are the ones to open the fingers. So you can maintain a grip even if those muscles are slashed.

    Nowadays we have liveleaks and others. You can find fights where people are still going after several hits with a large machete.

  2. Tiger Claw says:

    That's a good video, using a knife wouldn't be legally justified observe the laws of your country. I've worked in a maximum Security Prison, true good knife fighters like convicts attack with a knife by surprise and quickly! In a knife fight my three rules is Run, Fly or Equalize,( use your belt, jacket or carry a sock full of pennies, chair) Exact…..! Two of my rules is beat your feet! If your in a fight look for someone reaching into their packet or caring something as they walk towards you or look for an enemy approaching you quickly. Good idea use armor I like that – Thank You

  3. ABC XYZ says:

    14:32 Fault: Vunak cuts with the rear edge of his knife (normally the sharp edge is in front). But then the hook techniques at 14:45 won`t work because the opponent gets cut and will pull away his arm reflexively.
    Hooking with a dagger is impossible; maybe the knife should be a “semi-dagger“ with the second sharp edge only at the tip area.

  4. larry marquez says:

    its still on and were goin.. cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure, now cyrus dont anybody pact, dont want anybody flexin they muscles, now i gave him my word that the warriors would uphold the truce… Now everybody says Cyrus is the one and only… i think we better have a look for ourself..

  5. Zack Anderson says:

    Goddamn! Seriously, this video is more informative than any "YouTube" tutorial available. This was (probably) made when the first Terminator film was being filmed and it still retains all of its vitality and straight forward info. 

  6. Joe Musselwhite says:

    bae313 you are either on crack or you're fantasizing about being the "bad ass" that Vunak indeed is! What's your background before I proceed? I want to give you the benefit of the "high" doubt! The red flag with you for me was under mining Vunak's obvious skill sets and not sharing any of yours other than running your own self in the ground.

  7. quanfa88 says:

    Studying knife martial arts is interesting, but remember there are many disadvantages to it for self-defense:
    1. Highly unlikely that using a knife for self-defense would be legally justified.
    2. Knife is considered a deadly weapon.  Brandish one, and you might have just given someone legal justification to shoot you.  Gun trumps knife.
    3. Gory.  High potential for infection from communicable diseases.
    Learn the knife as part of martial arts, but beware of consequences and use good judgment.  Remember using it is always an absolute last resort.  Always try to diffuse conflicts without resorting to violence.

  8. bae313 says:

    Maybe you missed where I said fighting Paul would be no thrill for me. If you know him, tell him what I said and listen well to his response so maybe you can learn something.

    Based on the evidence on your channel, no pics, no vids, NOTHING ABOUT YOU, you probably have co clue what you are talking about anyway. Your comments lead me to believe that you are probably just some pimple faced kid.

  9. bae313 says:

    Never said I was Krav Maga, never said I wasn't FMA. I learned from the teachings of Bruce Lee that I should look at everything and use what works.

    BBT? never heard it before, but you are the one with no pic or vids on his channel.

  10. TheShinobi32 says:

    Well you take your fat,old retarded ass and go fight Pual Vunak he is probably somewhere in california so go look him up and make shure you put it on youtube so we can see you get the fat beat off of your ass.

  11. bae313 says:

    I have fought several champions and martial masters during my martial career. Fighting Paul would have been nothing special for me. I am 53 and fat and would gladly fight anybody.

    Paul made a statement that is outright wrong. Paul teaches a system that violates several modern scientific findings on human combat (OODA Loop, Hick's Law, physiology, etc..). Paul's combat experience is beating up drunks in bars. AND I AM NOT EVEN GONNA TALK ABOUT THOSE GAY ASS DRUMS…

  12. Jissenkempo says:

    I agree about the effects of a cut or 6. But to call Paul Vunak a dojo warrior is just wrong. He used to go pick fights in the street just to see if what he was doing worked. He and his teachers were among the first people to pressure test what they were doing while everyone else was just pretending to fight. You gotta respect that about them.

  13. bae313 says:

    Paul is wrong about the effects of a cut. In an adrenalized state you can take several cuts, as evidenced by 1000s of people with multiple defensive wounds received in knife attacks. They got multiple defensive wounds, because they kept defending.

    He then talks about the fluid dynamics of a knife attack then shows "dissect the corpse" "Hollywood" techniques.

    I take Pentecost & Fairbairn's word over Paul's. I have faith in those guys' real world experience over Paul's dojo warrior experience.

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