Paul Vunak Filipino Knife Concepts

Paul Vunak Kali JKD knife concepts, theory, and sparring. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” …

47 thoughts on “Paul Vunak Filipino Knife Concepts

  1. shomenuchi says:

    Love the way we get a whole series of traps and counters in the instruction section…none of which appear in the sparring section, only rudimentary blocks, parries and cuts, followed by gross motor moves, knees and elbows. Why bother with all the unworkable traps and locks. Stick to the cuts and parries and spar, spar, spar.

  2. James Smith says:

    Assuming he's telling the truth about that many people train special forces people. They bring in a number of personnel to train their people, and they develop their own program.

    Right now it seems Eskrima is the flavor of the month. I train with the Self Defense Company and weapons fighting is kept more simple and deadly.

  3. Tom Carnes says:

    great stuff–i use to have all your videos–all youu know that seminar – panther ect–some 1 broke into my home & took everything–posting on the new there were supose to be me-any ways glad to see ya on the net–i do have a few up from a new perspective.

  4. Dogburn55 says:

    …he is saying that you are not as prepared in a civilian situation "like going grocery shopping, going to work, going out, etc." and the people that were actually going to war were cut to pieces. Now mind you most people who threaten you with a knife don't know what your doing but someone trained in Eskrima is quite deadly, especially considering the Filipino warriors killed hundreds of american soldiers when the Americans had guns, and the Filipino had only knives.

  5. MathewJC25 says:

    This is why this man is one of if not the most intelligent, and dangerous martial artist/fighter in the world. There is a reason the U.S. Navy SEALs contracted him and now his legacy carries on in the Naval Special Warfare Combat Fighting Course.

  6. the red baron says:

    as i stated if done to give the knifer target practice then cool but trying to kick someone with a knife is rather risky.the only kicking i would be doing would be kicking rocks while running away from a knifer and im talking fast like as in being in third place behind the flash and superman.even in the mid 80s when i was in california kicks above knee were frowned upon in jkd/kali so unless those cops just didnt know how to fight i certainly wouldnt have tried a high kick in the street…

  7. Fuzzmustard says:

    That was an 80s thing, you kids wouldn't understand.

    Back then because of the huge influence of karate and ninja and kung fu movies, people were completely wrapped up in those high kicks. Cops in LA were being knocked out by people throwing spinning crescent kicks.

    High kicks were amazingly effective because nobody knew how to deal with them at the time. Now, people do know how to deal with them and they are never used. At some point in the future, they will become useful again.

  8. the red baron says:

    yeah sikaran/pananjakman are simutaneously used in conjunction with the hand/blade but the kicks are very low and not the above the waist as we see here. now if they were done to give the knife practitioner target practice against a high kick then i can dig it otherwise i personally wouldnt do it.

  9. Ken Shiro says:

    I love his explanation on energy flow/pressure/sensitivity. To me, that is also one of the things about FMA and similar arts that beats a lot of concepts out there. You could have a 6'4 350 pound bodybuilder try and attack this little 5'6 135 pound Filipino guy and if the little guy knows the right arts and philosophies, he could butcher and plant that huge dude on the ground.

    A brilliantly impeccable philosophy.

  10. Ken Shiro says:

    He's probably like 50 now lol. All these videos he filmed in the late 1980's. After that it said he was invited by the US military to Virginia to teach SEAL Team members hand-to-hand combat.

  11. William Yu says:

    I think I just spot the major difference from all these knife fighting styles like Silat and Wing Chun. Silat, because they use edged weapons, chase the hands. Interesting.

  12. Blondie Manco says:

    I am not clueless. I am simply saying, that if some asshole tries to harm me with any type of knife or anything for that matter, i will do whatever i can within all the training i ever had and things i learned and alike to stop the threat. If that means taking out the gun and shooting center mass, so be it, if its within 25 freet, maybe run like the road runner, maybe hit the fuck with the car. I DONT KNOW. When the God damn situation if ever comes up, i will find out. Comprende Ese.

  13. andrewaswang says:

    If that is the case then you are terribly misinformed. Not all Filipinos were Muslim or Moro when the Spanish arrived, most if not all were animists or believers of local deities. The Moros were mostly limited to the southern Philippine islands in the proximity of Mindanao. The Moro you probably are referring to are the trading outposts set up in Manila which the Spanish destroyed early in their conquest of the Philippine Islands.

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