Paracord self defense lanyard- fancy



In this video I demonstrate how to to make a self defense lanyard out of paracord. This project is not that hard and the tutorial covers all the steps in quite a bit of …

18 thoughts on “Paracord self defense lanyard- fancy

  1. Jeremie Matte says:

    Wow… you're good. Like not just in making something cool but this tutorial is spot on man. Excellent instructions, excellent demonstration, excellent camera work. A+. Keep up this awesome work.

  2. Joop van Putten says:

    It took me about 12 hours in 5 days to make this knot. The tuturial is amazing and very clear, but the knot is so hard to make. I started the pineappleknot 5 times over and the finishing knot 4 times. But the result is very beautiful. I used the poolball #4 and paracords black and purple. The white ends that remain after cutting the loose ends I coloured with a stift in the same colour I used in the knots.

  3. Frank Steinke says:

    One of the best tutorials I've ever watched. An excellent job with both camera work as well as your step by step explanation. Thanks for you time and willingness to help others.

  4. Willy Bee says:

    I have to laugh at these anti-self defense laws. The people that make them have armed bodyguards .
    And they live in gated communities , with all kinds of security systems.

  5. djecpamba says:

    Great tutorial, rather than take the time to add slack back into the knot, would it not be easier to start with a slightly larger mandrel then switch to a smaller mandrel?


  6. ZMBP says:

    Very nice BUT… Be very careful where you carry one of these. In some US states they are referred to as an 'underslung' weapon and you could be arrested for having one in your possession.

  7. De0n1sy says:

    Thanks for great tutorial. I always wonder how you remember and understand all these leads-bights and under-overs. Perhaps you will make a video explaining the principles of building Turkisheads, pineapple and gaucho knots. I think it will be interesting to many people.

  8. Mikhail Eskov says:

    It's so hard! I going to do thing like this, but with monkeyfist knot. Pineapple later..saved this tut for future.
    Thank you for your efforts!
    One more thing. It's definitely out of law.

  9. Bob Jones says:

    WOW!! Saw this knot on about the second day I started knotting and have wanted to see how to do it for years now. Thx m8. All other folks who have tried to explain it failed miserably. GREAT JOB!!

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