Pain Compliance Drills | Part 6: Come With Me

Non-lethal, pain compliance techniques using the FOX 599 Karambit trainer. Any training knife will do however some techniques require the emerson wave …

15 thoughts on “Pain Compliance Drills | Part 6: Come With Me

  1. Pat Herrmann says:

    I think this is a really bad idea if you are using the live blade. This has "assault with a deadly weapon" written all over it, plus a drunk guy might not even notice the knife immediately, start resisting you, and inadvertently cut his own artery.

    I think if you are a bouncer, carrying the blunt trainer models of either the 599 or the Krudo Snag tool would be a great idea for pain compliance techniques, but under no means should you try to use a live blade in this manner unless your life/someone's life is being threatened and you are completely out of options.

  2. eeyore077 says:

    of course this is a "second" cant use that force for a normal situation, but seems very effective against a violent/dangerous guy..not sure against a junkie, with an alterated pain tolerance you could risk to use too much force and cut

  3. Deo Vindice says:

    If you don't have justification to kill, then don't pull your knife. If said bouncer makes a wrong move, cuts the artery under the arm, bouncer and bar owner will be sued. Then Patron will own the bar. [or their next of kin]

  4. havoc1zero says:

    Bullshit, use excessive force right off the bat to stop the attack immediately. Progression of force is what we as military and police officers do when dealing with unruly civilians, but a civilian protecting his home or family or self does not need to comply with progression of force rules.

  5. Ben Pierce says:

    this channel has some good stuff but some of it is just downright ridiculous. i get it; you believe in this weapon. numerous videos with endless scenarios; many of them would not call for this, in fact only potentially cause greater harm to the situation. (during and after the conflict)
    -respectfully posted. i actually do enjoy most of the content on the channel.

  6. Just Joneh says:

    This is great advice on how to handle someone who doesn't comply with simple orders, also I love when the guy keeps tapping because we see it's extremely affective

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