“Pace Yourself” Concealed Carry (CCW) Drill

This is a simple shooting drill we came up with to help us improve on regulating our speed while balancing our accuracy. Give it a try! Use code “TCA5” for 5% …

22 thoughts on ““Pace Yourself” Concealed Carry (CCW) Drill

  1. Toby Riggle says:

    Hey Micah! Great vid, man. My only question though, "Would it be worth putting just a litte more space between you and the first target? Meaning, shooting as you back step a few paces?

    I've learned that at real close proximity like that, the defender can run the risk of the attacker going/grabbing the gun. Or just closing into you with perhaps ecplosive speed. Like maybe the guy is able to lunge into you before the pistol is raised?

    I guess realistically, having a little safer distance is never a guarantee in every situation, so that could be where I'm wrong on this comment.

    Great video though, man! Just thought I'd hint at the distance element for consideration.

  2. HiPsTa911 says:

    I'm a heavy guy like yourself and I cannot carry appendix comfortably. I'm 5'-7" 250lbs…I'd love to see a video from you on how you appendix carry comfortably. It may really help the rest of us large guys. Thanks for the vids…keep em coming bro and check out my review channel sometime (hipsta911) Thanks!!!

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