Overgrowth Tutorial – Hand to Hand Combat

Learn everything you need to know about hand to hand combat in Overgrowth. Contents: * We take a look at all the variables that affect what attack your …

21 thoughts on “Overgrowth Tutorial – Hand to Hand Combat

  1. Reinvented Nova says:

    i want this but no money and it came out like 1 year ago still 30 dollars early acces and stuck in development hell come on looks great but not a full game and crashs alot from wat i seen on my friends pc

  2. OGWeekly says:

    There are two ways, first is in the config file located under My Documents if you're on Windows. I think it's My Documents/Wolfire/Overgrowth/Data/config.txt.

    The second way is to use SUMLauncher, it has an interface for changing graphics and controls.

  3. OGWeekly says:

    I think the lag you're talking about only happens the first time an animation is played. So what I did was I just used all moves once before I shot the video. I don't know if this has been fixed yet and you're experiencing something else or if this is still on the to-do list.

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