[Overgrowth] Advanced Combat 101

I just noticed that there is no real tutorial on Youtube that shows advanced techniques for Overgrowth*. So, I set out to make one. *DISCLAIMER: This game is a …

12 thoughts on “[Overgrowth] Advanced Combat 101

  1. motrasssX says:

    ok i will show you how to do super jump kick
    1. run at the fastest speed
    2. then jump and when you are almost at the ground press click
    3. congratulations you just knock your enemy 5 meters away from you!

  2. T. Theonian says:

    Should be called "Completely basic introduction to Overgrowth combat". Not a figment of anything advanced going on here.

    An example on "advanced" combat would be, for instance, that if you face an enemy with a knife, it can't defend against swipe kicks, so you can just lowkick him until he drops and kick him in the head when he's down. If you're wielding a knife too, throw it at the attacker. He will most likely pluck it from the air and come at you dual wielding, but a knife is a shit weapon against a knife wielder because if you use it you just keep slicing each other up, taking and giving a lot of damage. That's why you're better off without your knife, as it frees your hands for grappling (again, kick the head when you get him down), and using the knife as a projectile weapon gives you a chance to instakill your opponent from a distance.

    Not that any of it matters in the slightest when you have the leg cannon kick, which just trivializes combat completely. Just run at any enemy, press space and attack in quick succession. Done. Instakills most of the time.
    The reason why you miss so often your video is because you try to avoid the wolf, running around to the sides. Just run right at him. That way you deal more damage too.

  3. Fernando says:

    Such a lovely vid, thx a lot.
    I wish these thing would be covered in some advanced tutorial or something…i have 10h on it and only now found out that i can drop the weapons and the special roll pick-up (shift + Q) hehe

  4. stemm says:

    If you throw a knife into animal and judo throw them while the knife is still in them, you will take the knife out, similar to taking their weapon away after dodging their knife and doing a judo throw.

  5. John Bigless says:

    For whatever reason, in the beta version of overgrowth, you cannot drop weapons.
    EDIT: The developers made it so you have to be looking down while dropping a weapon.

  6. A Nut says:

    pulling out the knife isn't exclusive to wolves it also applies to rabbits atleast if they aren't weakened enough and have been fighting long enough

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