35 thoughts on “Out The Front Knife Troubleshooting

  1. dagon olson says:

    I took it apart and figured out the issue, the serration on both sides of the blades is catching on the blade catch, how would I fox this, it didn't do this originally but it did do it after I had tried firing it at a ketchup packet

  2. edc cutting edge says:

    Hey blade Ops I need some help my dad has recently purchased a Microtech ultratech we have not put anything in front of it and fired it but it keeps going off track after about 50 times opening closing it'll be about 7 failures what should we do?

  3. Tony Tyler says:

    Sucks I’m having this issue with my custom combat Trodoon every few times retracting it it’ll come off track, think I’ll be contacting the guy I bought it from

  4. Ethan Wong says:

    so the blade dislocated without me shooting it into an object, tried to take it apart and found that the spring flew out and i don't know how to put it back together. One of the hooks were detached, too

  5. Rico Mizrani says:

    I've got an Atomic FL D/A OTF knife and I spent a pretty good amount of money on it… Only to have a ridiculously fucking expensive bullshit paperweight within 24hrs. First issue was… It wouldn't retract the blade. It would act like it was going to but the blade would bounce back up and out of the handle. Then it just stopped even holding the blade in place. Worst knife ever. Can't recommend it.

  6. Eddie rittler says:

    PLEASE HELP ME BLADEOPS!!! i have an otf and this happens but when i do that it works but i'll close it and it wont close all the way leaving a bit of the top sticking out. pleassssse help me or else i need to return it

  7. Alex Gattis says:

    i had recently bought a Delta Commando OTF double action, and just pulled it out of the box this morning, worked great and i thought the same thing that was demonstrated in the video, but i reset it and it retracted, but now when i push the button forward to deploy the blade the blade barely pops out of the end of the knife. And it can be reset but this happens everytime i try to deploy. this knife isnt a cheap one either

  8. markrocksu says:

    How do you fix the rattle? It drives me nuts walking around click clacking everywhere. I was thinking maybe a thin piece of felt with adhesive on one side but not sure how that would work out.

  9. Scott Bynon says:

    thanks u so much I decide to try one of this and I bought a cheap one from blade play to see if I would like it and it came the way u had it in the video and I was about to call them until I saw u video so even though I only paid 6 for the knife thank u for your help also my knife is a lighter as well tx u again this was my very first one

  10. BeesAndSunshine says:

    I was messing with my Lightning like this and it got derailed just like you said. The first time it happened I just gave it a good shake and the momentum of the blade flying out rerailed it, it worked again. The problem is while retracting it it has about a 1/4 chance of derailing again, and I have to do this again. I tried your method of pulling it and same thing, chance of derailing while retracting. Do you know what could be causing this and how I could possibly fix it?

  11. DigitalThunderGods says:

    mines not working I think I messed with it too much (trying to fix it) like its not re-attaching to the rail what do I do then? take it apart? I don't know what kind of screws these are

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