David Burnell CEO and Founder of OPSGEAR® and The Urban Warfare Center® shares some TACTICAL TIPS. This episode shows you how to break contact if …

27 thoughts on “OPSGEAR® TACTICAL TIP: Knife to Throat

  1. 55tah says:

    Wow, ive just came across these videos when i checked out Your review of the Xiphos taclight, and now im just noticing more and more great vids. clear instructions and demonstrations for training , quick too 🙂

  2. Shooting Utah says:

    Those bracelets are survival bracelets. They are made of 550 paracord. They are super easy to make yourself and there are tons of videos on Youtube on how to make them. It's one simple knot repeated over and over. The point of them is to carry a lot of cord in a small area and without much weight to them so if you ever need to you could use one for a tourniquet or to make lashings for some kind of shelter or take the fine fibers from the center and make fishing line.

  3. lev0n3241968 says:

    I'm no expert, but most attackers aren't going to pull a knife unless they are very close. Unless in a hostage situation, most knife attacks will be in motion. I was attacked with a metal railroad spike. Unaware of the spike until I had him in a headlock. He pulled it out and delivered multiple strikes to my upper legs,rear thigh and side torso. Elbow strikes to the back of his head and knees to the face is what delivered me. In a knife attack I'd rather protect my hands.

  4. 01bossmj says:

    This is Jiu Jitsu. I like how you are teaching it. It isn't commercialised and pays attention to technique. Not quite what i saw with Brazilian thingimag. You routines – brilliant. Nice Job!

    The 'bobbies' in Bradford (UK) trained some with us but exposure was limited to kattas and escaping grabs.

  5. Jason K says:

    hey mate, thanks for the tactical tip. random question though i was wondering what you guys call those little bracelet type things you have on your wrist? some of the guys i work with make them out of hutchie cord when we're out field and i know theyre popular with the special forces in my country. cheers

  6. Michael C. says:

    Knife vs. empty hand is always a risky proposition. I have been taught that first disarm; if you do it wrong, you end up slicing your own neck. Instead of going for the disarm, I rather get to the outside of the knife arm, and go on the offensive; move your head back, slap the knife down while moving to the outside, elbow the head, knee the outside of the thigh push him down and either run or produce a weapon of your own. Not saying it's better, but it might be easier to pull off under stress

  7. Zayne Graves says:

    I learned this while in a Tae-Kwon-Do class when i was about 11 or 12 before I had to quit because of medical problems. I learned this one but forgot it. I am so glad you came along with one. I love it!

  8. christo0187 says:

    Me and my buddy are having this childish argument over un-armed combat. My opinion is that depending on the soldier and the training he has received he could jump into the ufc octogan and win. Also if the soldier was skilled enough he could go toe to toe with a person like GSP or Silva and possibly even win. Im just wondering what peoples opinion is on this issue or even the staff at OPSGEAR since they seem to know their stuff.

  9. MajorMiya says:

    I did a lot of knife training and after seeing what damages a knife really can do, even in the hands of the untrained, I would just give my wallet over….Don't mess with a knife.

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