Open and Close Techniques | Women Self Defense Seminar

When it comes to women in particular most attacks will happen in close range. Using either the open or close technique will help you to prevent an attacker from …

12 thoughts on “Open and Close Techniques | Women Self Defense Seminar

  1. J BONE says:

    Videos are too short. What's your purpose with these videos? If it is to teach people then I suggest you take some more time and show what to do in detailed steps. Not a short just do this and do that without much guidance and a lot of talking. But if your purpose is to just get as many videos out there for views then ya I get it. Thanks

  2. Gene Burnett says:

    I hope you also tell them to stop smiling and laughing during these drills. I think a more serious mindset is important and helps simulate a more "real" feeling. Not tensing up…just imaging this as a serious situation.

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