Open and Close Smith Wesson knife



How-to Open and Close a Smith & Wesson tactical pocket knife SWA18.

16 thoughts on “Open and Close Smith Wesson knife

  1. Zebman says:

    Really poor, unsafe design. Wish I had not bought knife. Some smaller versions do not have easy access to a tab that you show. You need to carefully jam your finger nail inside to move lock and hope blade does not slip from other fingers. Also, Frankenstain "knobs" sticking out of blade do nothing and just make it more uncomfortable in your pocket if something bumps you. Next time I will try a brand that knows how to make traditional locking pocket knives.

  2. shrek says:

    I hate this knife. I was on a skidoo ride and it just opened in my pocket and it cut my stomach open I had to go to the hospital and get it stitched up on my skidoo of course so then I got ticketed and now I have 5 healing stitches in my stomach thanks knife

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