Ontario U.S. #498 Combat Knife – Memorial Day 2017 -🇺🇸- Episode 145

Ontario U.S. #498 Combat Knife. Needing a knife for today’s video, I dug out one of my last knives (before my Schrade knife series) and it happened to be this …

12 thoughts on “Ontario U.S. #498 Combat Knife – Memorial Day 2017 -🇺🇸- Episode 145

  1. Bob James says:

    That's the cheaper non-commercial brand of K Bar it's cheaper that's the one I was issued in the Marine Corps you know the Marine Corps always goes with the cheapest version

  2. Rip Aycock says:

    In terms of the actual "Military Combat/Utility Knife," ka-bar is a generic term, like "Scotch" tape. They were made by a lot of different contractors, all to Government specifications, so, basically, whoever made it, it was the same knife, all equal quality. The commercial Ka-Bar knife is just a dandified version of the "real" knife. The one that followed me home from Viet Nam was made by Utica, and, other than the name stamped onto the blade, it was no different than the Ontario or Camillus version. They're all damn fine knives for the price and the purpose to which it was built.

  3. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Say Heah, Appropriate. Very Nice. I have some real W.W.2 Ka-Bars that were passed on to their sins with writting on the Sheaths,,I even have one that was used on a mission where all the markings were ground off. Sort like sterilizing the knife. Oh, I have one made by Camillus also. Yeah, they just don't make them like they use to. Infact a newer one I use the guard loosened up. Not on those W.W.2 ones. But Yeah,,I like O.K.C. Infact, because of the steel (5160) and how it worked for us onn a partucualr trip. My Ranger RD-9, I even have a Ranger Afghan, I was informed their selling for $300.00 if you can find one. But anyhow, I bought the Gen2 SP-47, 49, 51 and one of my Fav. Shoppers for the $$$ its a real good one, my SP-53. Yeah, Ontario Knife Company makes a good knife for the $$$. I Wish You a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day.,,.

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