Ontario SP1 Marine fighting knife – whoa mama!

Table top review of my Ontario SP1 marine fighting knife. Ontario has roots in NY state that go back close to 100 years. Ontario was contract in late WW2 and …

34 thoughts on “Ontario SP1 Marine fighting knife – whoa mama!

  1. Dan Bravo says:

    The finger guard is Kraton for a good reason. I attempted to dispatch a hog/pig I shot and caught the shoulder blade of the pig, my hand slid down the knife onto the metal finger guard of a very expensive knife I had and got the metal guard which ended up with 3 stitches. I think these and other knife manufactures have realised this and made the guards plastic for this reason.

  2. micheal roy says:

    i just picked up one of these from a buddy who retired from marines he found a random one with no sheath bran new with a name on it put there by the company hmm dont know what to think i own several ka-bars and several other tactical knives but the name being engraved and all is it still for use or just for show it is a ontario sp1-95

  3. Bushcraft412 says:

    Just got myself a Ka-Bar today. Uploading a comparison video now. Plus I have a much better setup for filming as well. Thanks for watching. BTW the ka-bar won in the head to head comparison.

  4. Neon Oni says:

    Nice video. I've owned two Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knives (one was stolen) and the quality of those knives made me a Ka-Bar loyalist. That being said, these Ontario knives are high quality. A fine choice.

    WARNING: Mossberg now sells a Ka-Bar clone. It's cheap and looks identical to the Ka-Bar. Don't be fooled; it's made in China and the steel is inferior stainless crap. Mossberg doesn't manufacture these knives, they just sell their name to Chinese companies who are willing to pay for that right.

  5. Bushcraft412 says:

    @InternetzGuy The Metric System! just kidding. Always thought of Ka-bar as the local company to support, and never paid much attention to Ontario. I try to give as much business as I can to local business.

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