One Step No 1

One Step Sparing is essential in most martial arts systems. I teach 8 angles, 5 distances and to identify all the human targets with the appropriate weapons.

One thought on “One Step No 1

  1. G LF says:

    a young girl would not be able to pull that off. the strength and skill involved in effectively kicking a grown man in the stomach and grabbing his head or face and doing any damage other than some scratches, is just fantasy.
    are the teen girls in high heels? This appears to be White Tiger Book Fu do
    it is a very effective MA and it does teach some very deadly and effective moves. But kids have a real disadvantage. kids are fast and agile and move very gracefully but to really do any damage you have to be strong. This is a great workout art to get there. KUNG FU CROSS Star Move!

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