One for Jeremy part four



The fourth and final video in my series on making a ring knife for Jeremy. Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “One for Jeremy part four

  1. Final Straw says:

    Can I say this was my favorite YouTube video of all time? I just don’t have the words to describe how incredible that knife looks. Can’t wait to see it in person. Thanks Dale for taking the time to film the steps and making a memory for me!

  2. ChrisB257 says:

    Love seeing that logo every time. Great seeing the finishing stages and the sheath. Yes, orange liner is lovely.
    I regularly look at the knife you so kindly gave me and enjoy it hugely. I can see Jeremy is going to be delighted.

  3. jamesfreddys says:

    Dale you’re a great craftsman. If you get the inkling and want to do a garden and/or recipe vid.!or just a vlog about the overall status of life I’d be interested. Love your vids.

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