Official US Navy SEAL Training Footage, where SCARS Began!

SCARS began making history as the first official combat fighting program of the US NAVSPECWARCOM (commonly known as the US Navy SEALs).

26 thoughts on “Official US Navy SEAL Training Footage, where SCARS Began!

  1. 21stRevelation says:

    I've been studying the dvd course since 02 when i bought the combat fighting package and ground fighting which is compression fighting and it's the best system bar none. U can get a few different partners and one usually us the one who gets it and acts like teacher so all kud learn. It's great and damn I wish i couldve gone to Spec-Ops to learn first hand! I'm jealous! lol.

  2. MrDeathd says:

    In 2002 in Indiana this system was set as a standard for the local law enforcement. weird I though but that's what they were teaching us and holy hell if you used it I was wrote up twice for breaking a guy's arm which was trying to stab me and the other was an inmate that put me in a choke hold during a riot,i let his chin go before it broke his neck but the department said it was excessive force oh well it worked

  3. dont care says:

    This is the stuff I would like to study and train. I looked into a local gym or classes and the only thing is Karate or Judo schools where you have to buy uniforms and belts and pay for tests and learn useless Kata's. Its maddening.

    I just want a place that doesnt care if your a beginner and not filled w/ juiceheads and UFC wannabes. I just want to learn basic self defense, training, fitness and some stretching and thats it.

  4. ally gsixx says:

    I bought S.C.A.R.S. VIDEO TAPES back in 96'-97' and studied them 3 times a week for about 2 months and later that year I had a altercation with these 2 boneheads in the presence of my wife and toddler son at the time, I put the 1 guy down and before I knew it the other guy ran off, one of the witness's asked my wife if I was military trained,I just told them "I had the S.C.A.RS. to prove it, the guy looked at me , with I don't get it look- long story short- S.C.A.R.S WORKS.EVEN 1997

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