[Official Trailer] Doug Marcaida & Jared Wihongi | Emotional Candy!



Elaborate, artistic, feel good techniques strung together in gorgeous sequences. They then break down each individual component into building blocks that you …

29 thoughts on “[Official Trailer] Doug Marcaida & Jared Wihongi | Emotional Candy!

  1. AtomicDynamo says:

    This whole video really only shows that you can choreograph a fight with any kind of result you want. In a real fight situation if someone attacks you with a knife none of the defenses with bare hands will work. Because even if you block somebody's hand the wrist can still rotate and cut you up real good. And nobody is just going to let go of the knife. They can also switch the knife to the other hand once you block it. The only thing that is effective against a knife is a baton or some similar object…if you have it with you. Telescoping batons are illegal in most US states and other countries as well. So this is a typical dojo scenario that never works on the street.

  2. james piaoan says:

    Knowing your enemy has 5steps ahead counter strikes…. So you need to advance more….. And so he noticed and advance too….. And keeping the flow of never ending Counters….. Until they decided to drink it of with tea…..


    Lo que vimos aquí fue a dos monstruos en la defensa y ataque personal mostrando sus habilidades! Para mi gusto jared mas versátil, dinámico y eficiente! Por otro lado Marcaida mas táctico y apegado alas técnicas del silat! Si de algo estoy seguro ellos dos son los mejores en lo que hacen y no quisiera enfrentarme a ellos! Saludos desde tijuana México!

  4. Tank 545 says:

    Some bad ass men like the Denzel you either trained or you ant trained simple quote make sense in a world of evil and confusion be the sheepdog kicking down the wolfs door

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