Offensive Knife Fighting Techniques and Lethal Strikes

Warning! Death or serious injury can occur from massive blood loss, asphyxiation, or organ failure. Do not attempt. This video is intended for demonstration …

10 thoughts on “Offensive Knife Fighting Techniques and Lethal Strikes

  1. DisegnoSb says:

    well you are a bit missinformed… the "fencing grip" actually can do MORE combinations than the "icepick grip" and has more slashing power… but the icepick grip is good for "hiding your weapon" and stabs better… some tests show that stabbing with fencing grip does not penetrate as far as with the icepick grip…

    what i know about knife techniques comes from a friend who is actually in the military and taught me a few things about it… my favourite combination is when you catch thehand of your oponent pull towardyou as you thrust the blade into the armpit, you release the hand pushing the face away step to the side and slice behind the knee grab them by the waist pull agaisnt yourself and thrust the knife into the side of the neck… i cant really do it, but my friend can do all of that so fast i couldnt even react when he was teaching me…

  2. JK Low says:

    Those street Niggers will thank you for such a wonderful video, and will pay your family home a visit tonite, and use your advice to great effect. Silly American.

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