14 thoughts on “NSR Tactical Extended Standard Holster

  1. Rendall Hostetler says:

    wonder how you bend or move? Seems like it would seriously restrict movement, and that it would make more sense to just go a little lower and use a drop leg holster instead of centering it on a bend point.

  2. TacticalDesire says:

    I've been looking for a low ride holster like this and NSR makes good stuff. Thanks for the video. Only downside is it essentially makes the right pocket useless but there's no such thing as a free lunch.

  3. Brandon says:

    Not sure if I would buy them for my personal collection because I borrowed a holster and mag carrier for a training class and ended up with massive bruises on my thighs where the bottoms rode from bending over picking up mags and getting into positions. But tbh I have extremely limited experience with holsters and carriers in general so it may be a common issue with any across the board for me, or it could be where I had them at about the 3 and 9 position, maybe if i moved them back some idk.

    Edit: It was NSR gear but not this extended version

  4. Weston says:

    James Yeager, Reid Henrichs, and fx Hummel are the reason I know of NSR Tactical. I bought a holster from them and mag carriers for my TP9 V2. Fits like a Swiss watch.

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