27 thoughts on “NSR Tactical Appendix EDC Holster

  1. ghoughto3 says:

    Just ordered one of these, not sure I like how high it rides. My Crossbreed Apendix holster sat a little deeper and felt more locked in. When you drew there you can see the holster shifts in your pants. Thoughts?

  2. Ryan Espinosa says:

    What holster prints less between the NSR C1 and the GFT AIWB you used to wear? I'm trying to decide which one to get and since you have used both I thought I would get your opinion. My other holsters are bulky when carrying appendix so I just want to know which is the slimmest option between the two holsters.

  3. InNoViSiOn says:

    I've been wearing my C1 minimalist fold over for a few months now everyday with a shield and it's been very comfortable. Great product for a great price and best part was this item was on their quick ship!

  4. smcombs100 says:

    I have NSR's C-5 tuckable with two struts for a 17. I love it. I'm a valet and I have to tuck my shirt in for work. So I carry my 26 in the C-5 appendix and not a single person has every said anything. Most of my co-workers didn't even notice. Highly recommend NSR

  5. Jim Assalone says:

    I have that holster for Appendix carry for my G19, works better with 2 loops. It will keep holster vertical making grip on draw stroke easier and more consistent. They will add one for small increase in price for those not wanting zero cant for appendix carry.

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