NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight a 360 Degree Review



The NovaTac 120T is a tactical flashlight made for military and tactical use. Uses a single CR123 battery, has 3 preset brightness settings (120, 10, 0.3 lumens), …

38 thoughts on “NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight a 360 Degree Review

  1. RoscoeBa says:

    @codsterblue Nitecore D10 is the staple light in my EDC bag. The NovaTac lives on my nighttable and still does see alot of use. The latter is particularly good for dog walking at night and since it can go 66 feet deep in water I have no worries about walking in the rain.

  2. RoscoeBa says:

    Let us know how that goes. I think they make these for the military for rifle mount. Some of these other guys may know much more than on on that though… Anybody?

  3. RoscoeBa says:

    I'm not an expert, or even that knowledgeable, but I'd say the fact that the NovaTac can go down in 66 feet of water and be dropped from 6 stories, and still work, attests to a very high level of reliability and performance. They make 'em for the military so they have to be trusted to work 100%.

    The D10 is a rock-on light though in its right as well. Sleek, EDC sized. Hot.

  4. RoscoeBa says:

    Gosh I don't know. I got it from a guy who attached it that way. Looks like the bezel on the top, around the lens, unscrews, the clip slides on, and the bezel screws back on. I like the way my guy did it b/c I can wear it on my cap at night and use it hands free. Yes, dorky. lol

    It seems NovaTac makes many many variations of this light for all different types of customers. They all kind of look the same but are customized in many ways. Sorry I can't be of more help. -Roz

  5. chris85 says:

    I'll go for the LD10 then ( i think they have the newest version comes with clip and improved reflector design )
    Btw thanks for the review and reply Ros !

  6. RoscoeBa says:

    I'm a big fan of the Fenix diffuser on either the L1D or D10. On table top it throws a nice light for the whole room. Loose on the D10 and wont fit on the 120T.

  7. chris85 says:

    I think you have great lights ( d10, L1D, Nova 120T ). I'm going to purchase one of these lights and put in the home for emergency situation ( let say the power suddenly goes out ). So what lights do you think will be fit for that? Thanks before.

  8. RoscoeBa says:

    I felt the same way about CR123 but stocked up on a bunch and its all good. I like that they can get cold and still work. Thx SZ, appreciate it!

  9. RoscoeBa says:

    Hey Andrew, yeah it is cool. Their site only has a couple products on it but it seems like you can order older Novatac models from other sites.

  10. RoscoeBa says:

    I'm one of 7 kids and my mom, when asked "who's your favorite kid", says "They're all my favorite." lol Really, D10 is great and 120T is hard core, different category. Both really great lights.

  11. RoscoeBa says:

    I got it from a fella that had attached it like that. Looks like the bezel unscrews, clip ring slides over, and screw back on. I never would have thought to put it on "upside down".

  12. RoscoeBa says:

    About the cost of a decent blade. I have a buncha junky plastic flashlights that I've thrown out over the years. 120T will never be thrown out. Thx, and hi Bob!

  13. RoscoeBa says:

    The D10 lives in my EDC bag(s) and the 120T lives on my night table and sees all of my home (inside and outside) tasks. Fenix L1D lives in my hiking kit b/c we always seem to be rushing back at sundown. Nice to always have that there. Thx for asking NJ!

  14. RoscoeBa says:

    😉 Twitter friend Galen knows I dropped my Fisher Bullet Space pen in the twa-let. Yes, NovaTac will fish out and still work no prob. Well, depending what one had for dinner I s'pose. Oh no, potty humor! lol

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