Nodachi Sword – For Honor – Man At Arms: Reforged (feat. Mark Dacascos)

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46 thoughts on “Nodachi Sword – For Honor – Man At Arms: Reforged (feat. Mark Dacascos)

  1. Shelldamage says:

    Nice craftsmenship, quite interesting, but to say: "Any katana-style sword over 40 inches is a nodachi." isn't realy correct.
    What's about a nagamaki?
    To say: "Any katana-style sword with a blade-length over 25 inches is a nodachi." is rather sane.
    And is this realy a nodachi, the design of the hilt is more like that of a nagamaki…, but alright, the proportions remind me of those of a nodachi.

  2. Alejandro13 Sanchez13 says:

    you want to make the best sword to cut rocks to cut steel , human sacrifice you need atleast 10 humans to get the iron throw in to pit of flames then forge your weapon , to make the best sword get 500 criminals that are strong and sacrifice them , weak humans will make the blade weak strong humans will make the blade strong remember, 1 human wont work since there wont be enough iron so blade will falll apart

  3. Arruabarrena Patxi says:

    I really love your creations, everything is so perfect. But, (old dude comes out 🙂 ) where are the masks when you are sanding ? You are giving so many awsome advices and tricks, please think about it = many people are watching you, and it's a good thing, but "with great power comes great responsibility". Thank's anyway.

  4. DJCreepero says:

    One thing that sets me off the most that it’s smaller than most making this one of the smallest as many are quite tall with the blade nearly the size of an average feudal Japan samurai without the armor at least the handle is right since their kind of used as pole arms than a katana. But it’s satisfying to see that it was made. Also made sense that they made the blade smaller for the game since to help balance so you won’t have a spammer from long distance.

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