No Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial (for beginners)



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23 thoughts on “No Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial (for beginners)

  1. William Kelly says:

    Is this a military technique? Or is it just a "different" method people can try if traditional rotation throwing doesn't work for them? Also, does this work for knives that have a more curved tendency in the handle? I have a few throwing knives that are almost "pear-shaped" in the handle. Would that deter the index finger grip?

  2. mojodank says:

    I'm a newbie currently practicing knife throwing. Also if the timing of your release is off it causes a lot of mistakes. And point your finger at the target. There is a shift in perception once you get past about 7 feet. A suttle change in how I see the knife flying in my mind.

  3. Rog Rat says:

    Great, thanks!

    I want to make a set, but am wondering why not simply use pointed metal spikes?

    Can you think of any advantage that knife-shaped objects have over metal spikes or rods?

    If it's just about not slipping off, the spike could be flattened on the sides.

  4. Lex Cm says:

    Oh one more thing. I'm obviously a girl and my wrists do that girly thing lol but I'm having issues with my bow because of it too so is there some kind of like wrist brace I could use in order to break that habbit of bending/flicking my wrists?

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