35 thoughts on “No spin Knife Throwing 101

  1. Jerry Parker says:

    Great video! Very concise and comprehensive. Minute 6:35, amen. I'm new, really new to knife throwing and I'm already spending as much time trying to drop bad habits as it took me to develop them. 2 weeks practicing incorrectly, 2 weeks trying to correct. One step forward, one step back.

  2. Lane vaden says:

    I throw no shuriken right now and I'm wanting to buy a set of cold steel knives. Which would be better suited for just no spin? The 12 or the 14 inch sure flights. I'm 6'3 230lbs. Not sure if that makes a difference or not? Thanks for any help in advance!

  3. Adam M says:

    don't be so touchy!I was just being an asshole.But on the other hand if you're trying to teach people something.That I know firsthand is complicated for most to learn.So if you're going to teach something difficult to most people.Maybe you would not want to wear giant sunglasses,So your eyes are seen cuz believe it or not it helps people understand you better,And more.If your eyes and your hands are working together to explain something.Anyways something like that. great video

  4. Nathan Knudson says:

    I've enjoyed traditional "spin" throwing but I don't like having to get the distance to target with the rotation figured out.  I think this style would be easier to teach my kids but I was wondering if I can use traditional knives or if I need a knife specific to no-spin throwing.

  5. Soo Ting Chan says:

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  6. CountdownSmiles says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I had bought some throwing knives out of curiosity and was completely oblivious that no-spin throwing was even a thing. And now I would like to use this as my main style of throwing, but I'm not sure if my knives would be suitable. My knives are mostly blade-heavy, I assume for a no-spin it should be more balanced out. Should I buy more balanced knives before practicing no-spin throwing?

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