No-Spin Knife Throw!

This is my technique for throwing a knife without spin. You can see the footwork and handwork in more precise detail in my other videos on this subject. If you want more instructions go to…

3 thoughts on “No-Spin Knife Throw!

  1. TheAntonGully says:

    Or, how to throw a knife at a particular distance.

    1 foot either way and it would have bounced off.

    Throwing knives is hard to impossible. Pretty much nobody got killed by a throwing knife except by luck. Either their bad luck or the thrower's good luck. 

    You haven't discovered some new method of throwing knives, but you should keep throwing until you understand how to hit a moving target. And virtually no knife-throwers ever learn how to do that. That's why we have bows. But keep trying!

  2. Michael Buzbee says:

    Not bad. You should join the Facebook groups No spin knife throwers and instinctive knife throwers.
    Spin throwing can be tactical as well when you know how to control the spin. Check out my videos

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