No-Reload No-Spin Tutorial

I made this Trick-Tip for those who want to learn this awesome technique invented by Ryan Moomaw! Check his channel for more information and inspiration: …

23 thoughts on “No-Reload No-Spin Tutorial

  1. Colin louk says:

    Another excellent video. I know Im coming across your videos a few years after you posted them, but at least I found them.
    I love your energy and explinations.

  2. Pwelux Mars says:

    will you teach how to throw a knife no spin and with spin? and also the long distance throw? a tutorial for beginners. thank you bro. by the way nice videos 🙂


    Great stuff Adam! Love all the combos especially the rapid fire throws! I'll have to give it a try I've been struggling to pick up this technique thank you for posting this video!

  4. Xolette says:

    I can't get over that entrance. That was so badass! You need to do a combo jumping out of a tree! You did I great job explaining the technique, Adam. I'm going to set aside a day to try this out!

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