No Lie Blades Knife fighting training strikes for Special Forces with Hank Hayes

This knife tactics video with Hank Hayes from No Lie Blades knife combat systems covers stabs and slashes of knife defense for …

21 thoughts on “No Lie Blades Knife fighting training strikes for Special Forces with Hank Hayes

  1. nolieblades101 says:

    Guys thanks you for the feedback and you acknowledgement of our strategies on edged weapons. We've got some cool products that we've invented and brought to market for US armed forces and assisting in saving lives everyday. Come visit us at nolieblades com.

    If you have any questions on Edged Weapons and fighting please let us know I'll respond right here.

    No Lie Blades /CEO

  2. An Drew says:

    Best thing I've seen on Youtube about knife defense. This is exactly what I taught to my guys in military & is taught in Israeli martial arts. I have experience in 'real' knife fights & witnessed many stabbings in prisons. You are exactly right. Cant catch a jab with a knife tied to the hand. Must evade or redirect the knife hand while simultaneously attacking the eyes to distract attacker long enough to execute your trap/takedown. You're very experienced to teach this wisdom brother* Hoo-ah*

  3. sean irvin says:

    i was walking home from school and a kid pulled a knife on me, i grabbed his arm's and then i kicked him in the knee's as hard as i could, got him to the ground took the knife and threw it, then i got him in a head lock and told the people watching to call 9/11, i was scaed out of my mind and it was a life and death situation so it makes you more attentive of everything, later on he was put in jail for 6 years, this happen in long island new york.

  4. WeAllJuggleKnives says:

    Yeah no sh*t it's a last resort. Can't we have one freaking knife vid without everyone talking this crap about the law, when to run away etc. Yeah, if you stab someone, you usually go to jail. We get it. If someone pulls a knife, it is a good idea to run away. It isn't rocket science. Let us move on. People have no comments on technique because they have no technique, are scared of the whole idea of knives, and want the risk of them to go away magically. *stabs youtube viciously*

  5. nolieblades101 says:


    Thanks for your comments, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Knife on knife is for one reason only. For military personel and to build skills, fighting attributes.

    Folks that think they'll be time to pull a knife on someone attacking them with a knife should think it all the way through.

    Thank you,


  6. nolieblades101 says:


    Thanks for the reply. And yes get off the danger zone first if you can. A knife attack is just that, an attack, not a fight. Minimizing the damage is to be understood and a part of the deal.

    Thanks for your comments.


  7. specialops76 says:

    Great point guys. All the close combat techs is always in hypthetical slow motions…in real life…martial arts hardly comes in pics…what my brotha is say is got to move away from the danger zone first before you strike the nigga to take control of his meat to control the salvasta fo dig???

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