27 thoughts on “No Grip No Spin Knife Throwing – NEW STYLE!!

  1. GravityLegend - 1k Subs Hype says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I really like your your channel and this vid keep up the good work bro feel free to check out my channel and you'll make my day if you sub thanks bro STAY AWSOME!! Also stay tuned because im going to start a shoutout series and you could be the first winner and gain over 50subs!

  2. FlyingAxblade says:

    Copyrighted, Patent Pending THROW!  is your forefinger leaving the blade last and making the blade behave in that straight fashion?  next, balance a dart on your thumb too =)  no reload is something I cannot yet imagine, however,  a handy stack of them will make your fingers strong.  Clever indeed.

  3. DutchKnifeGuy says:

    That looks crazy. Everything tells me that it shouldn't work and it still does. That is pretty cool. Did you discover that by chance or what? Cheers and best wishes Mark.

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