No black and white when it comes to knives and knife fighting

There is not and never has been one ultimate knife, one ultimate way of holding a knife, or one ultimate system of knife fighting. There are many different knives …

25 thoughts on “No black and white when it comes to knives and knife fighting

  1. nate d says:

    it ducks being white and knowing there's not one unique original tool or weapon invention including guns that we know for sure we invented and have to like others stuff smh

  2. Dafoodmaster says:

    I don't wanna be this guy, but i'd say the best fighting knife is the one you have on you.
    Personally, i think a subhilt fighter, like a bob loveless design, has a lot of advantages. It's a knife i would choose in a myriad of different situations, but i can't say it's perfect in any way, shape or form. You make some good points in this video.

  3. Spetulhu says:

    And when you're down to a knife you're either a civilian who has nothing else or a soldier in a really not good situation.

    I remember one thing I heard from an old WW2 veteran (well, it was my dad who heard it) of that one time he and his unit bumped into an enemy patrol in night-time no-mans land, where neither dared use guns because both sides would light the place up with artillery. So it went into a crawling knife melee where they tried to check if the body next to them had the right army issue water bottle…. if not, stab stab stab, argh. I don't think anyone asked what grip they used on the knife after that.

  4. Matthew Millar says:

    My Spyderco Subhilt is the best knife out there! It's the knife all, ALL knives aspire to become! 😛

    Thanks for speaking plainly, and thanks for showing off your push dagger. We can't get those in Canada. 🙁 How about a rundown of your collection? What percentage of your weapons are historic vs replica?

  5. Carlo C says:

    Thank you for highlighting what looks (after listening to the video) an obvious point: if there were the ultimate knife design, that would be the only one on the market. Both now and in the past.
    Sometimes looking at historical weapons and martial arts, is like looking at the variety of animal species to be found in nature: the evolution selected them to fit their respective ecological niches. Take an animal out of its ecological niche, where it is a master of survival, and it will soon reach its ancestors… or become the lord of the new niche you put it in 😉

  6. SolidBren says:

    I think another good reason why so many styles of knives exist, is because most are pretty good in a variety of situations.

    The types of knives that have been used the most throughout history, I tend to think of as some of the better knives that exist in the world. Since they have stood the tests of time and have proven themselves as an effective tool and weapon for what they are designed to do throughout the ages.

    That said, it isn't a huge deal on which knives a person carries, simply because so many of them work well and can be applied to similar contexts! Where some knives are specialized for specific contexts like piercing types of armor, I have no problem believing that there are many other kinds that can do the same, or have similar results. There are many knives, that are good at cutting, thrusting, have good hand protection, and other attributes. It is highly based on context after all.

    I think context is becoming my favorite word too!

  7. schizoidboy says:

    I think it's a basic problem with all martial arts, everyone seems to have an opinion and everyone thinks they're right. To look on some of these martial arts sites on You Tube you'll find the views in the millions with everyone throwing their two cents into the comment section, I've done it enough times myself.

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