Nintai (Advanced Knife fighting 5)

Sub to: Korean Ninjutsu is not a sport! For more applications needed for the Kim Kei Mei system of the Korean …

37 thoughts on “Nintai (Advanced Knife fighting 5)

  1. ChessCoachTrainer says:

    Hold on bro, there is Sulsa the authentic real korean ninja counterpart, google it, bad to the bone. I say put up or STFU. I have been out of cars 130+mph no helmet or pads NO INJURY beat that, and hit by 70mph cars SUV as pedestrian no injury CHI or KI is real I clocked 5 punches 1 human blink and say bring it !! ALL the BS doesn't impress navy seals either, LOL Check out the speed demos from real shaolin monks best fighters empty hand ! They can beat any MMA any day. Speed wins knife fight LOL

  2. a053303 says:

    Crazy. In step two if his opponent pulls his knife back he gets his own neck cut. In real life situations people will probably stab many times in quick short movements. This one thrust forward or wide arc diagonal slashes look nice in a dojo alone I'm afraid.

  3. tactical2bagpipes says:

    This guy is a fucking clown and a laughing stock to real world combatives. Korean Ninjutsu? Is it even possible this guy is that self deluded? The Anglicized word ninjutsu represents the Japanese kanji for ninjutsu includo the kanji for Kokoru meaning heart. At its very surface ninjutsu is culturally and tactically Japanese. This douche is just marketing nonsense and calling Korean to satisfy his ridiculous ego.

  4. Protherium says:

    Well… I bet this guy:
    — watch?v=suNKWwPnkJ0
    … against all the dojo-kinfers around the globe. I wanna really know what Aiki/Nintai/Okinawa/Speznaz/whatever teach against a savage rushing attack and multiple quick thrusts in your body. No stances, no hands with knife in midair, bad guy just gets close, pulls a knife and STAB!. I think 90% of dojo-knifers will be simply dead. Another one:
    — watch?v=4ah_0gia4A0
    Here some comparisons:
    — watch?v=qLRmtTbNWe0

  5. Dogabutila says:

    @DJelby They didn't explain the placement of the hands well. The support trapping hand has to be on the upper arm side of the elbow to prevent this. If you get the elbow or the forearm with the trapping hand then yes, what you describe is a possibility.

  6. Matthew Stone says:

    Too many presumptions about what is going to happen. First – nobody lunges and leaves a knife in mid-air for you to manipulate his arm. Second – the next action by the attacker is more likely to recover his knife-arm than to attack/block with his other hand. Third – when BL was talking about "classical mess," this is exactly what he was referencing: robotic "do this, then this, then this" techniques, taught and learned by rote. Irresponsible to teach this as a realistic "defense" technique.

  7. StabzDD215 says:

    sensei, I wonder if you replaced the censored words with something flufy. as in…

    "now we drop the body weight, bringing everything down while keeping the arms in check. From here, we scoop our arum up and draw a happy face on the carotid :D"

  8. Bo Dangle says:

    I don't think this is a good move in my opinion. Pause at 0:47 The guy on the right could easily block or grab the other guys wrist with his left hand and simply retract his knife and slice the artery above the elbow.

  9. Dave54600 says:

    It's a good lesson, technical. However, stuff like this never happens outside the movies. Real stabbings tend to be quick, unexpected, and delivered on someone who has no weapon to defend themselves with.

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