Nin Tai knife fighting 1

Sub to: Korean Ninjutsu is not a sport! For more applications needed for the Kim Kei Mei system of the Korean Ninjutsu. ChosunNinja channel is where…

11 thoughts on “Nin Tai knife fighting 1

  1. ConnorOnPCinADHD says:

    i love your videos and these ones are especially helpful because i live in britian where knife crime rates are sky high. unfortunatly though, you cannot carry a knife/blade without a lisence so even if i was to be attacked by a knife and i used a knife to defend myself i would still be charged with possesion of a knife 🙁 and yet people still carry knifes to stab people with. the laws here suck

  2. IronSnake1989 says:

    Absolute effective techniques and I appreciate what you are doing… I haven't seen all the videos but I'm sure they're as just as good but I was wondering do you have any videos of disarming a opponent with a knife when you're unarmed? Thanks for all you do and wish you all the best

  3. tipsy700 says:

    in my country it is illegal to have knives, self defence sticks, buzzers, spray or any other object that has no other function then fighting or killing or that is out of context like kitchen knife, or hammer
    only tihng that is allowed is walking cane

  4. ManiX207 says:

    @KoryoKanja true true ^^ even though not all people are able to kill don't you think??? i think the first cut will be quit okay after that one your attacker probably won't be able to do anything for a moment ^^ so i prefer running after that (probably that will be the best for unexpirienced people right???)

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