Nick opens his “Terrible-Knife-a-Month Club” knife Live: May 2017

I recently signed up for a “Terrible Knife of the Month” box (which will remain un-named). This is this month’s bit of joy: A Tac-Force Speedster. Thanks to the …

48 thoughts on “Nick opens his “Terrible-Knife-a-Month Club” knife Live: May 2017

  1. Hayden Gutierrez says:

    One time I was on the blade city instagram page and it said "pay only 15 dollars a month and you will get sent a knife every month" and then I commented "I would sign up but your knives are crap" then blade city blocked me

  2. Some decsec Member says:

    I own a knife that looks exactly like this one except the blade is a normal grey also it's made by USA tech and it was not made by stupid shitty ass tac force. (NEVER BUY TAC FORCE) the knife I got was pretty good, not cold steel or SOG level but good and I like it. It dose the job and has not failed me. My point is the model dose not matter, it matters on the brand

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