Nick opens his "Terrible-Knife-a-Month Club" knife Live: July 2017



Today, I open a terrible knife from a Knife-of-the-Month retailer, and show off several non-terrible knives, including a Custom Peter Rassenti Satori, a Bester …

44 thoughts on “Nick opens his "Terrible-Knife-a-Month Club" knife Live: July 2017

  1. Gary Cooper says:

    There are so many karambits on the market, especially the cheap-knife market, that I conclude the supply of eighth graders and carpet installers must be inexhaustible.

  2. Torun Smok says:

    I have a tac-force karambit that was 10$ and it's way better than that one, like I suspect the one you got might actually be a KNOCKOFF OF TAC-FORCE OF ALL THINGS XD mine is TF-578 stainless also designed by a guy named Usa in China with a good action, actually well done flipper and thumbstuds, brushed aluminum handle, seems like it won't be too hard to disassemble, I must say tac force is cheap and inconsistent but they definitely have good ergonomics usually , and mine actually has a nice backspacer with gimping that you can reverse so it sticks out instead in a way that fills out the palm perfectly
    So, yes… I actually have a fairly good (especially for the price) knife from tac-force

  3. JHAYKHAY25 says:

    Sure there's a drinking game in these ''terrible knife'' reviews, take a shot every time you say ''crappy'' or ''that's beautiful'' but alcohol poisonings an ugly thing!

  4. 1ohtaf1 says:

    The first knife you showed is pretty crappy too, but at least they opted for the speed flutes rather than speed holes, as we all know terrorists have already circumvented the tactical advantage that speed holes provide.

  5. Dr_Atheist says:

    If you haven't looked at the CRKT Fossil yet, you should. I have it, and I like it. Mine is completely solid with no blade play in any direction. It also opens very nicely. It's also pretty sharp out of the box. Unfortunately mine is out to get me as I've nicked myself several times. Cuts fairly deep.

  6. Average Joe says:

    Seems a bit too straight for a kerambit. It's almost like a sheepsfootish blade? I hade my Emerson fixed blade out and the curve in this knife of the month club beauty just isn't there.
    Hey, you could call the thumb stud the "stud wave"!
    Grants on the Delica! Very nice.

  7. The Talking Porcupine says:

    How to fix this knife with minimal added expense-
    at least make it Aus-8
    no stud
    no blade cut outs or harpoons
    make it ring up carry
    make pivot screw not 3 feet long
    And finally….
    Make it a non folding inside the waistband carry Knife

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