20 thoughts on “Nick Drossos Teaching How to get out of a Headlock

  1. Matthew Fowler says:

    More bullshit. That "simply push away" theory will not work against anyone with any strength. You have to create space in the choke, not pit your forearm against his neck. Necks are very strong, dumbass. Any grappling is about creating space and attaining position. Simple pushes lead to a simple choke out. I don't think this guy can fight.

  2. Steven Perry says:

    you can also drive your knee into the back of his knee to make him lose balance and with explosiveness use both arms to throw him down and duck out of it. then you can boot him in the ribs.

  3. therealist says:

    with all due respect, I have seen all of your videos, some are pretty questionable especially the ground fighting techniques. As we all know all fights ends up on the ground, weapons and all, now I have to question you about your credentials, do you have any kind of belts/ rank regarding BJJ, Judo, Sambo or any kind or shoot/catch wrestling? The Gracies have issued challenges to those who question their techniques to disarm/incapacitate anyone, and they have won many of those battles, why don't you issue a challenge to your system to see if it really works, maybe challenge a few Judokas/MMA/BJJ guys, have you ever been really challenge by someone with real pro mix martial artists? have you ever thought about proving your own techniques by issuing your own challenge? I train at TriStar gym, there's a few guys here that saw your videos and wants to issue a challenge to prove if your system really works, will you accept it? we can post it here, for everyone's pleasure.

  4. John Gadi says:

    awesome, Nick could you please help with some effective moves for women self defense when attacked by Psycho and gang trying to rape her.
    its so worse now a days for working women in other places,
    we cant always be near to protect them hoping for your reply..

  5. onee says:

    I get what you mean, the good thing about Bas Rutten was, he also knew how to fight, so whenever he had to he would fight. What I meant was stop it from escalating at the beginning, so you won't have to have an unnecessary fight, if the other guys also has the intention not to fight, but is just angry and caught up in the moment.

  6. scarred10 says:

    we all know that lad the above clips are for when you have been attacked or are about to be,try offering them a beer then.Its about context,knowing when to use a particular tactic.

  7. onee says:

    Isn't it actually better to do what Bas Rutten used to do as a bouncer? Trying to talk the guys out of a fight. (What he basically was doing, was offering the guys who were fighting a beer and shake hands after that or asking if they could take the fight outside.) So you won't have to fight 9/10 times as a bouncer.

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