New Shadow Dark Angel Ninja Sword – Black Damascus + Includes a Fallkniven Diamond Stone File Knife Sharpener

Price: $199.95

This ninja sword offers a sleek design that is very functional for the everyday warrior. The Ninja Pro has a black blade with a nylon wrap on the handle, it fits snug in its injection sheath and comes complete with nylon straps. SPECS: Overall Length: 40-1/4″ – Blade Length: 28″ – Tsuba: Cast Zinc – Handle: Imation Ray Skin – Cotton Tsuki-ito – Black – Steel: Black Damascus – Sword Bag: yes.The ninja has its roots in feudal Japan and waged war far different than a Samurai would
The Ninja, or Dark Angel, perfected espionage, sabotage and of course, assassinations
Many legends emerged around the Ninja, including, water walking and invisibility; and some reports claim they have the ability to control elements found in nature
Overall Length: 40-1/4″ — Blade Length: 28″
Includes a Free Zombie Hunter Survival Pocket Knife

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