NEW SERIES -FIGHT ANALYSIS – Knife Attack On A London Bus

In this video Nick Drossos is starting a new series. He will be taking a real life events, breaking them down and doing a fight analysis. In this video we are …

39 thoughts on “NEW SERIES -FIGHT ANALYSIS – Knife Attack On A London Bus

  1. Joshua Barnett says:

    I would have kept both hands on the knife hand simply for the fact that I don't know how strong the attacker actually is. Going for the knees or using a headbutt also increase the risk of distraction from the same hand. That gentleman was amazing in the situation, though I realize there were plenty of potentially incapacitating objects that could have been used to disarm and potentially immobilize the attacker.

    Overall, in an unexpected situation, the guy was basically perfect.

  2. Clarence Baluca says:

    I'm going to nitpick this video just because I have nothing better to do. Do know I mostly agree with you. 🙂

    I wouldn't push the knife towards him, especially since that means the knife will be pointed at me. If I lose my strength then that means he will have space to stab me in an instant should I lose my grip. I will also have less strength with my hand far from me than if I had it close to me. Isn't easier to hold a dumbbell in the air if it were closer to your body than if you are holding it away from you with your arm extended. You can also pull in a much larger free weight than you can push outward with your arm.

    One thing I know from countless knife sparring sessions – it's better to have the knife pulled to your side, pointing away from you. That way, you have more control over it than your opponent does, as it is closer to your center than to his. He also needs to take two steps to stab you should you lose you grip, instead of just one. This gives you more time to react.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  3. Vega K says:

    I like the idea of pinning the knife to his body, but wouldnt pinning it to yours let you open to some slashes? I mean, of course better than nothing, but, there's something that can be done on that area? Also, thoughts on putting you weight on the knife hand to pull it back (while framing the keck with the other forearm for knees) trying to avoid him to move it back and forward (as it is already all the way back)?

  4. klemens d says:

    aftermath is a serious consideration here: walking around with the knife in hand after the real perpetrator has left the scene can be reeeeally dangerous! the police arrives after they got some call considers you the perp and one little mistake by you or an armed policeman can cost you the life you just dearly defended….

  5. SamedaySameyear lastday says:

    @ be not: I was born and still live after 40 years in Europe and I know many many people and you are 100% right. This old continent of ours is facked. It doesnt matter what the few that think want to better, we are overwhelmed by low-T cucks to cite you and by "i dont have anything to lose" 3world invaders. Europe is lost. But 3rd WW will come first hopefully. Ps Nick's videos are very good imho.

  6. AlgerianFalcon says:

    I guess why he did not strike, is that he was afraid if he lets go with one arm, the attacker would be stronger with both hands, and he would be stabbed before he could eliminate the attacker.

  7. Skywatcher313 says:

    Knife crime is a big problem in parts of London and this looks like a violent drugs or gang related struggle that erupted as the perpetrators were about to get off the bus.Terrifying for the bus driver and the passengers. The victor (the bigger , stronger man) emerges onto the street holding the knife and I'm guessing he probably took it home as spoils of war.

  8. melissa kammers says:

    wahooo that's what im talking about!!!!!  can u make a video on if a person comes behind u and puts there hand over your mouth and has a gun or knife and says do what I say and you wont get hurt?

  9. Normand Johnson says:

    Hello Nick, My wife love your videos and so do I! I would like to know what to do if I am surrounded by men and / or if I am attacked by a man with a studded 2×4. I saw a video of a man being beaten by a gang that I would describe as a domestic terrorist. Thank you again.

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