NEW! Karambit Flashlight | Designed for Combat | The Strobeforce DTAC 1000

You can’t always carry a gun or a knife. In this video, CQC Instructor Jared Wihongi demonstrates fighting options using the new StrobeForce D-Tac 1000, …

38 thoughts on “NEW! Karambit Flashlight | Designed for Combat | The Strobeforce DTAC 1000

  1. Keith Ong says:

    I bought this but the thing i dont like about this is that the flash light will switch on by itself accidentally when it is in my pocket, draining the battery without me knowing.

  2. Steve Martin says:

    This torch has been weaponised and will need more explanation than a normal torch. You can take a normal torch in places that this would be confiscated but if its what you want it looks cool.

  3. Brian says:

    Thrym makes the "SwitchBack Backup Tacitcal Flashlight Ring" that could effectively turn other flashlights, specifically the SureFire EB1 and EB2, into a "karambit-like" flashlight. I must say the flashlight as a weapon of opportunity concept has been around for quite some time. I think Jared's fighting methods are of the Silat/Kali genre. The strikes made in the video look great, and I'd love to learn more about this combative method. However, I /we could adopt any light, more so any "tactical light" rather than buying the Strobforece D-Tac 1000.

  4. Lone Warrior says:

    This is like the Chris Costas Thyrim Switchback flashlight. Except you can actually use the flashlight feature of the flashlight on the Switchback. My nobody opinion is dont offer a "flashlight" then emphasize AND advise that its not meant to be used as a flashlight but more for defense. That advertising and advice, for those of us that edc a flashlight, means that we still have to carry a flashlight along with this self defense, not advised as a flashlight, tool. So now we would have to carry two flashlights because one, almost flashlight, gets hot. Good luck for long periods, in this case not very long, of needed illumination. Car breaks down, power outage in a mall, home…anything. Should have just made a stick with a ring on it. You made a kubotan with a ring.

    Everyone else, Check out the Thyrim switchback. It has a "karambit" ring. You can illuminate like a flashlight should. Plus the ring has a nice point that does two things. One, aids in knuckle dusting when using your flashlight as a self defense weapon. Secondly, to aid in illuminating during lowlight and night time shooting for those of us that ccw. Good to have when you actually depend on the flashlight portion of your flashlight.

    I do appreciate the time, effort and video. Just a nobody consumer opinion. Thanks.

  5. Casey Gear says:

    I follow your Youtube channel for a long time now, I really like the diversity of topics (guns, knifes, of hand to hand combat technics, or thouths about it) and the video montage !
    I got a question, about your videos music tracks. I love some of them, could you tell me some of those tunes titles or where to find them please ? For examples : this video's end music, and "The BBJ Answer!" theme ? Could be nice to have some of your videos tunes titles at the end or in the descriptions, don't you think ? 🙂

  6. Buddy says:

    Dangerous tool in combats because of the ring : a simple hit can make a dislocation of your index. Do not lock your fingers during a fight! That's sooo dangerous.

  7. VxNemesis says:

    I don't like agressive bezels, it tears your pockets and if confronted with an agressor you'll have blood everywhere and thus probably AIDS…. And it looks "agressive" to airport security and bouncers.

  8. Md Device says:

    I dont like the ring hold. It can trap your finger in a dangerous way if threat manages to grab it. a half hook assist strikes (so you don't slip up the grip) would be better.


    I like the light. One issue, TSA has been confiscating non-weapon items like pens and lights when they can look them up on the internet in 2 seconds and see they are marketed or designed as as weapons, defensive or otherwise. So, like the well sharpened pencil that is not marketed as a weapon, but may have some other uses, compared to a pen marketed with a dumb ass DNA collector, businesses that want to keep their customers safe , should keep the above in mind.

  10. John Doe says:

    This is so fucking stupid it's unbelievable how much bullshit is out there, so many fake defensive arts out there men love to think they are bad asses I think it might be a survival instinct for us to believe that we have the answer if someone attacks us this is horseshit nothing this stupid flashlight can do that any other flashlight can't and this douches think because of some stupid ring they put on the top of it that they can charge a shit load of money it's even worse than a regular flashlight because it fucking heats up what kind of cheap shit is that and then you try to act like you are giving this amazing deal for selling it for almost a 100 bucks

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