NEW Badass Knives From Russia (Fregat by LeFux) Throwing Test

NEW Badass Knives From Russia (Fregat by LeFux) Throwing Test In New Video you are going to see Throwing Test with New Badass Knives from Russia …

35 thoughts on “NEW Badass Knives From Russia (Fregat by LeFux) Throwing Test

  1. Frugal Bassturd says:

    you have inspired me beyond knives man….game of life. Those look great, but once I correct the problem that is slowing me down; I'll use my income to shop at your shop first….after maybe I will try these too. So happy to see you kickin it again. True inspiration.

  2. Stephan T says:

    Great video the knives look great! I was thinking of getting a set of Kizlyar throwing knives next. love the video reviews and looks like great weather to be throwing outside again! Take care my friend, can't wait for your next video

  3. charles reese says:

    Great vid those knives look pretty sweet. I don't speak metric, is 200 grams like a ham sandwich, a pack of smokes, maybe a six pack? Just kidding, enjoy watching you throw.

  4. Luke Choiniere says:

    I love this video because I've had these for a month or so and I love them! They are heavy for me which i like about the same as Kizlyar Osetr knife set! I started throwing watching you Adam and im glad to see this video! I like using the belly for longer throws using the bump for a tactile feel. I usually will throw regular no spin with them. They are beautiful knives! Keep up the great work! Fastest thrower Adam C!

    Я люблю это видео, потому что у меня было это в течение месяца или около того, и я люблю их! Они тяжелы для меня, которые мне нравятся примерно так же, как и набор ножей Кизляр Осетр! Я начал бросать смотреть на тебя, Адам

  5. Jan Oswald says:

    wooow what a cool video bro!! rough and natural!! i realy love it, also to hear you talk and describe!! the form of the knive is awesome but they look a little light…

  6. Todie85 says:

    I bought some garden shears from a local hardware store.
    $8 dollars.
    I used metal file to separate them and blunt 8/10 the length of the edge, save for the tip.
    They work better than a $38 dollar throwing knife I bought online.

  7. ken Bullock says:

    Nice video. I still haven't bought any knives. I made about 20 knives out of some old bar of steel I had laying around. They are soft steel so they dent and bend the tip sometimes. I find about 285 grams works best for me right now. I can stick at about 10 feet no spin most of the time. I would like to double that, so I practice a lot. Anyhow, the sport is good fun. Thanks you for getting me interested in this pastime…..

  8. dryn64 says:

    Hey Adam, it’s Lowik ! I personally like them a lot for instinctive half spin ! They work so well ! Great video, people will like its simplicity and clarity ! Nice ! Have an great day bro

  9. themadscientest says:

    The sound of knife on knife in the target is a comforting sound! I really need to get some wood to build a proper target for throwing and work on it since the weather is finally nice where I am!

  10. Alex Hunter says:

    I like the look of them and they seem to function well enough…but I prefer my blades a little heavier so that, in a fighting situation, if they don't stick, the weight will still cause them to be effective for blunt trauma.

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